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Martinborough produces grapes with great flavour and complexity due to its cool climate. The days are dry and nights fresh, which builds depth of flavour over many months. Martinborough has four sharply defined seasons and is the North Island’s driest spot.

Extreme weather patterns are rare, although the district is prone to spring frosts. In the event of frost in the Martinborough township, the Southdown site is typically 2°C warmer due to the katabatic breeze that flows down the sloping hills over the vineyard blocks.

Martinborough has one of longest growing seasons (from flowering to harvest) in New Zealand. With significant temperature variation between day and night (which is referred to as the diurnal range), windy conditions to control vine vigour in the spring and a warm, settled autumn ripening means low-yielding grapes with great intensity of flavour.

Grape growth and harvest cycle:

Climatic characteristics of the vineyard:

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