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The property operates under the New Zealand Sustainable Winegrowing Programme and has been an accredited member since 2008. This programme is an initiative established to promote the production of premium quality wine utilising environmentally friendly and responsible practices.

As a farmer, Andy has opted to graze lambs in the vineyard immediately after harvest until bud- burst, to keep the grass down, which reduces the carbon footprint with less mowing and chemical sprays. As the sheep graze they also return nutrients to the soil in the form of natural fertiliser.

Winter water gravity feeds the irrigation reservoir from an adjoining creek. Energy savings are made by using a surface flooded pump to water to the vines in the dry season.

Native plants have been planted around the shallow end of the irrigation reservoir to encourage bird life.

As the vineyard is located on a frost-free site, there is no need for wind machines, or pumping copious amounts of water onto the vines to prevent frosting, resulting in further energy savings.

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